Sunday, August 26, 2012

Family Tree Gift Artwork

Last weekend we celebrated my In-Law's 40th Wedding Anniversary.

I decided to make them a family tree to help them celebrate. Normally this would have been an easy project but I was having a lot of Silhouette fails with this project!!! I had to do the name twice because the first time there was WAY too much bleeding and it looked HORRIBLE!!!! I did not do my trick of painting my base coat over the vinyl before doing my top color and it bleed all over! So I had to paint over it and start again.

I free handed the tree because I didn't want it to look perfect. Then we used various green color stamps to add our finger prints.  

In case you didn't read it above, make sure you paint your background color OVER your vinyl and let it dry before you paint your top color!!!! Learn from my mistake!!!

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