Friday, August 10, 2012

I am back!

It's been a while but I am back!!

I have been slowly working on my to-do list but just have not really taken the time blog about it, plus I have been enjoying my summer!! We are slowly working on moving Little Man to his big boy room and I am working on some of the boring parts of making this happen - ORGANIZING!!!! And getting rid of things and cleaning!! I finally have a general plan of what I am going to do....  I can't wait to get working on it.... but first things first!!

 We spent a lot of time this summer with our garden! Since it was so hot and NEVER rained we had lots of hot nights of watering our garden! Little Man helped me plant it so it was his garden!!

This was our first year growing a garden and so far it's been a success!! Little Man is really proud of what he grew and he has been a big help!!

I finally spray painted this bucket from the Target dollar isle that has been sitting in my kitchen for several months in the color of red. I also potted the herbs!! FINALLY!!! :)

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