Friday, October 12, 2012

My first Zipper Project

A few weeks ago I posted about my zipper fails, but I never posted my final project!

I am NOT going to even post a how to make a little make up bag like this!!!! If you want to make one check out Pinterest, there are lots of great ideas on there!!

Because after all remember how this was a major fail sewing in the zipper!!! 

BUT I was happy with how it turned out. I gave this to my sister for her birthday and asked for an update if it was holding up, but she said she had not used it yet. So hopefully it holds up for her!!

I love gray and yellow together and this fun yellow pattern seemed like the perfect pattern for the inside of this little chevron printed pouch!

I have to admit I am sort of excited to give the zipper a second chance.... when I every have time!!! Even though this took WAY longer than it should have, I am so happy with how it turned out!!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Two big fails in my bedroom

In my bedroom I have two major fails taking up a lot of space!

I refinished this dresser for my bedroom. BUT the drawers are stuck shut!! So my dresser is unusable!

AND that TV that sits on top of it does not work.... and is causing my lots of frustration! I just want to sit in my bed and watch TV before I fall asleep!

Two big fails in my bedroom....

I hope to fix these two problems sooner rather than later!!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Planes, Trains and Automobiles 2nd Birthday

Little Man turned 2.5 on Monday, so I guess it's about time I blog his 2nd Birthday Party, right :)

I didn't want to miss a moment of Little Man's party and wanted to make sure everything was caught by the camera, so I hired a photographer, the Fabulous Karmen Linder.

First we start with the big two year old birthday boy!!!! Playing with his train table. This picture also shows the only full picture I have showing the full sweet table with its background. See those white clouds, I actually painted those to my wall.... my brilliant idea was that I would repaint my living room right after the party so it would not matter and be incentive to make me paint it right away.... well as you can guess its been 6 months and those lovely clouds are still on my wall!!

I do have lots of fabulous pictures of all of the details of the party. The nice thing about doing a planes, trains and automobile party in primary colors is Little Man already has tons of toys that work perfect as decorations!! For example I used his Fisher Price School bus to display some red and white suckers!
Wooden train tracks and trains also worked great for decorations! Check out the Oreos I turned into Railroad crossing signs by dipping them into yellow chocolate. I used a black food marker to draw the lines on. (This didn't work so well and they ended up being very light, but they got the point across!)

More Oreo cookies, they work great as spare tires! The gift buckets I made for the guests! And I turned some basic Target party hats into fun hats that matched the theme!

More of Little Man's toys! Trucks work perfect for table center pieces, napkin and utensil holders!
The cupcakes!!! I made all of the chocolate topping pieces from various molds I found, (yes it took a LONG time) and my fabulous sister made all of the cupcakes for me!! Such a nice sister!! I LOVE how cute this display turned out on Little Man's car track!!! It worked perfect to hold all of the cupcakes!!

I kept the food pretty simple. We bought a bunch of pizzas from Papa Murphy's. The one thing we did do was fruit kabobs with Railroad crossing signs on the top. Another one of my sister's cut up all of the fruit and put these together for me!! Again I have really awesome sisters! I love how bright and colorful these are!!
The kids table!!!! I bought several small individual plastic orange juice bottles and used  my Silhouette to create labels for them. I made a table cloth for the kids table out of drop cloth and simply painted a road right down the middle with fabric paint.

The kids table with 9 little kids at it! Yes it was rather chaotic but it was so cute watching all of the kids sit together....
When party planning I bought several balloons that I had my dad and father in law blow up while watching a game on TV. Since I had no plan for them, they just were left all over the floor of the basement and the kids loved playing in them! 
I also make another Rail Road Crossing sign for out side of our house!

I did most of my decorating a week before the party because the entire week before the party we were in Arizona celebrating my Dad's birthday (and Little Man's!) Little Man's party was on Saturday and we took the red eye home on Friday morning and got home around 7am on Friday morning!! SOOO my Mother-in-law asked if there was anything they could help with to prepare for the party... I am not sure this is what she had in mind, but I had wanted to make a train out of cardboard for the party, so I asked if my Father-in-law would mind making this! Well he made the cutest train out of a couple cardboard boxes!!! I am so glad I asked him to help because if I had made this with my lack of time it would have NEVER turned out like this!!!
It was such a fun party but it was a lot of work. After it was over I could have used another week long vacation!!!