Friday, January 8, 2016

Easy Hot Dog Bar with Printable

I have now planned 3 parties where I have served a Hot Dog Bar. You would think because of that I would remember the toppings and types of hot dogs served. NOPE!

Because I know I will be hosting a party in the future where I will serve a Hot Dog Bar, I am finally going to blog this, so next time I simply refer to this and a party is planned! Hot Dog Bars are so simple. Most people, including kids love Hot Dogs and adults like trying crazy different toppings on them! Plus you can prepare everything ahead of time so you can enjoy the party!

I usually serve the ingredients for guests to make Taco Dogs, Chicago Dogs, Tex-Mex Dogs and a Chili Dog. I usually serve nachos as a side because all of these toppings are also great nacho toppings!

The key to a hot dog bar, is good all beef hot dogs. They are a must!!! I always plan at least two hot dogs per adult. (If not 3) And its always nice to have a package of veggie dogs on hand too!

Create some simple labels to indicate your toppings, and your party is all set!

And here is the printable I used for my most recent party!

Hot Dog Bar Shopping List
The shopping list is everything on the above printable and All Beef Hot Dogs, veggie dogs, buns, Nachos and Nacho Cheese.

Happy Hog Dog Party!

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