Monday, April 27, 2015

Train Bedroom Reveal

My son's train room has technically been complete for about 2 years or so. There have been slight changes along the way, mostly in my son's bed. (He had a plastic Thomas bed for a while!! And yes this completely goes against what I say next!!!)

This room was my absolute favorite room in our house. I spent so much time on this room. Obviously my son loves trains and I wanted him to have a non-kiddy train room. I still love this room!!!

I had so much fun with the details in this room!!

DIY pendant banner and rail road crossing sign!

This is a shadow box from Pottery Barn kids filled with a train car from both of my son's grandpas and one great grandpa!! (He is so lucky both of his grandpas love trains as much as he does!!!) I love the meaning behind this shadow box!!

I loved this Pottery Barn Kids lamp for so long. I thought and thought about how I could DIY a much cheaper version. In the end I caved and bought the expensive real version and I am so glad I did. I love it so much!!

Some fabulous ledge shelves my dad made for us. I painted them to match the stripes on the opposite wall!

The long frame next to the curtains is very hard to see, but it's copies of pencil drawings that we got on a family vacation. They were drawn by a local 85 year old man. I love these!!

I love repurposing shelves. I bought these awesome cube shelves at Target maybe 9 years ago. A new coat of paint and they look great in his room!!

The street sign and map were decor used at his 2nd birthday party!!

Two years later and I still love this room!!!! His new room in our new house will look very very similar to this!!! I just love it do much!! And I probably only have a couple years left where I have a say in how his room looks!!

Bedding: Land of Nod (no longer available)
Lamp: Pottery Barn Kids
Red Shelves: Land of Nod
Curtains: DIY

A special thanks to First Moments Photography for taking all of these fabulous pictures!! She took all of these fabulous pictures plus our listing pictures!!

We sold our house

It has been a crazy couple of months! Mid March we listed our house for sale. 5 days later we had an accepted offer. And this past weekend we moved out of our loved house into my parents house for a few months while our new house is built. Staging, selling and moving with children is so much work!! But it will be worth it when we are in our forever home.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Oh snap! I broke my ankle :(

Five and a half weeks ago my kids slept in until 8 something so I did too. Sometime after 8, and after lots of awesome cuddles, my oldest decided it was time to get up. Some how between my bed and the bottom of the stairs I had broken my ankle. At first I thought I feel down the last two stairs and landed wrong. But after I calmed down and thought about it (several hours and a lot of pain medicine later) I realized I simply stepped down onto the floor from the bottom step onto a Melissa and Doug puzzle piece.

Taken down by a puzzle piece. A simple stupid puzzle piece.

Immediately I knew it wasn't good. My entire foot was pointing to the side. And it hurt like hell. When my daughter was born I didn't have an epidural and this hurt so much more than having her did!!! It hurt that bad. I knew I was not moving from the bottom of the stairs any time soon. Oddly enough while waiting for the ambulance as I held my leg in the air, I was breathing very similar to how I did while in labor.

After calling my sister who lives a block away and my husband I called a friend who lived close. She answered and was on her way to get the kids! I don't know how I decided to call 911 but I did and it was the best decision ever. After I was situated in the ambulance I got my first dose of pain meds!!

I had not only broken my ankle, but broke it in 3 spots. And in some spots it was shattered. 6 hours in the ER followed by emergency surgery and two nights in the hospital (and lots and lots of pain meds) I was on my way home with a nice new boot cast and instructions not to put weight on it for six weeks.

The before picture of my very messed up left ankle!

My after surgery X-ray showing all of my new hardware!

And last but not least, when I said I wanted new boots for Christmas this is NOT what I had in mind!!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Dr. Seuss Bathroom 3 Years Later

Getting ready to sell our house, I have learned how hard it is to depersonalize your house. Especially after you spent so much time personalizing it and making it your home. It is especially hard when you spend hour and hours painting a mural on your walls!

3 years ago I posted my newly completed Dr. Seuss Bathroom complete with a mural I painted on the wall. This was inspired by a line Pottery Barn Kids had at the time. Check it out, it is truly a cute room (even if I am biased because I painted it!!!!) Painting this wall would be an easy thing to cross off my to-do list, but I just can't do it!!! I know I have to do it, but I can't!! I mean the new owner is going to want a cute Dr. Seuss Bathroom, right???

What did you personalize in your house that you can't stand to remove? Would you buy a house with a Dr. Seuss Bathroom (it's the second bathroom on the second floor)? I mean this bathroom would totally make me want to buy a house!!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Basement Playroom Revamp

A few weeks ago I mentioned that we are planning on selling our house in the near future. On my very long list of projects to complete before we list is re-doing our vibrant primary colored basement. 

When we first saw our house one of the things that sold us on this house was the awesome basement. It is one very large room with a walk out to a nice fenced in back yard with mature trees! Lots of room for the kids to run around and burn off their energy and lots of room for all of their toys. 

When we moved in I tried to create a fun and bright playroom for them with lots of primary colors (even though that usually isn't my thing) 

Basement Playroom Posts:

Oddly I never really did a post about the entire finished room. This being a playroom with lots of toys it never stays clean (not that I am expecting my revamped playroom to stay clean either, but I can dream, right???) Here are a few real pictures of my playroom before my revamp. 

VERY messy, I know!

When we moved in 3 years ago a lot of my sons toys were put down here and they just stayed. I never went through and purged out the toys that we out grew. So going through and cleaning out outgrown toys will help us a lot in this space!!!

My goal is to turn this large space into an industrial Restoration Hardware inspired room. I hope that it will make someone else fall in love with this house like we did (plus its a little more my style than a primary colored room!) Check out my Basement Playroom Inspiration Board to see what I hope this room turns into!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Pinterest Fail - Birthday Cake

This is a REALLY old post! But my son is really into planets and any and everything space!!!

So for his birthday - which was months ago - he wanted a planet cake. Easy enough for a crafty mom, right????

NOPE!!!! I give you my Pinterest Fail birthday cake!

I debated for a long time about making the planets out of Styrofoam ball or cake pop balls. LEARN FROM MY MISTAKE!!!! DON'T MAKE CAKE POP BALLS!!!! Or at least in my case they were to heavy and made the cake collapse onto itself.

And technically is this a Pinterest Fail because I didn't really copy anything I saw on Pinterest. I just made it up as I went along....

The best part, my son was happy with how the cake turned out and it tasted AWESOME!!!! So that's all that matters anyways!!!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Wood Veneer Sketch Artwork using Silhouette Cameo

My mom has some simple leaf art she purchased from Pottery Barn a few years back and I have always liked it and thought I could make something very similar and probably WAY WAY cheaper! The artwork is so simple - it's sketches of leaves on green paper and since I just discovered the sketch feature on my Silhouette I figured this was a great project to copy. 

I thought I would take this project a step farther and use some wood veneer I had left over from a dresser project and sketch my leafs directly onto the wood veneer! I used Band It Veneer Facing, 24" x 48" Birch and I just used a piece that fit onto my cutting mat and used the sketch feature like you normally would with paper and it turned out awesome! 

I love how they turned out. I have to admit I was a little nervous if it would actually print on the wood veneer but it worked out great! I love how easy these sketch projects are and I love the extra detail of the wood grain in these prints! 

 I made three of these so far and have a feeling I will be using the last bit of veneer to create some more!! 

Ok, random, but look at the below picture.... there is an EYE in the wood grain and now that I saw it I feel like I am being watched at all times!!! CREEPY!!! Halloween and everyday art all in one!