Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Train Artwork

I have slowly showed bits and pieces of Little Man's new Big Boy room. Well today I have some simple artwork I made for his book shelves. I downloaded the shape from the Silhouette website. 

Little Man loves to say "All a board" so it was an easy addition to add to the sign!

This was so easy to make!! Check out the other stencils I have made with my Silhouette Cameo for tutorials on how I made this! 

Sunday, January 20, 2013

DIY Baby Headband Holder

With all of the headbands I made for Baby Girl, I had to also make something that we could display them on!! There are a lot of different ideas on Pinterest, but I decided to modify and make my own version.

I took a beautiful framed picture I bought at Goodwill MONTHS ago and painted it pink. I then lined it will some cute brown chevron fabric and used some pink drawer pulls I bought at Target. 

I then used my favorite Command Adhesive strips and attached it to the inside of her closet door! It works for now, but it maybe should have been a little bigger! Since little girls love their hair accessories! 


Friday, January 18, 2013

Baby Girl Headbands

In a few (hopefully short days we are expecting a sweet little baby girl. So I just had to make some cute little headbands for her to wear! Since our son was basically balk until he was two, I figure our little girl will probably have similar hair and instead of telling people she is a girl, I figured the headbands will MAYBE give people a clue to not ask!! 

These were so easy to make!!! And they are all interchangeable! The flowers are attached to the elastic bands with Velcro! There are a lot of different tutorials for these around Pinterest, but this is one version I used. The only difference is I sewed the circles onto the felt, and used Velcro instead of pins!

I can't wait to see these headbands on our new little girl!!!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Child's Closet Organizer

I think it's 100% accurate to say I am in the nesting phase of my pregnancy! I have been cleaning and organizing like crazy!!! And driving my husband nuts at the same time for all of the organization I have him help me with! (I cleaned our refrigerator on New Years Day, that's normal right???) 

One of my many recent organizational projects was Little Man's new Big Boy closet. If you remember I turned my craft room into Little Man's Big Boy room.

This is what his closet used to look like:

While it worked well for a craft room I didn't love it for a child's room. Our bedrooms aren't the largest so I also didn't want to take up valuable playing space for a dresser, so I wanted drawers in his closet. I also wanted a lot of shelf space! And I got it all!!!

I am SO in love with his new closet! I love that we can reconfigure it when he gets a little older and his clothes get longer. He can reach the two bottom hanging racks which is fun for him to pick out his shirts! The bottom two drawers are good for him, but the top two are a bit tall for him. 

The best part is that a lot of the bins are still empty!! I love these bins from Land of Nod!

I also created some storage boxes myself. These are old wipe boxes from Costo that I pained in gray chalkboard paint and sewed liners out of curtains. They were a lot of work but I am very happy with how these bins turned out!

In case anyone is interested the organizer itself is Martha Stewart's from Home Depot.


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Poufs times 3

After sewing my first pouf last year and realizing how easy they REALLY are to make, I made 3 more! In the process of making a Big Boy Room for my son, I decided he needed a reading corner, since he loves to read books.

And what a better way to create a reading corner than throw in a bunch of poufs!!!

For the basic directions, I followed my tutorial for my first pouf.

I did however, make a few changes. I didn't use cording on these and I filled them differently.

3 Foam Sheets
1 Package of loose batting
Sewing machines and supplies

Directions: see original post.

To stuff the poufs I used a foam sheet in each one on the bottom to give it the square shape. The two smaller poufs are 14 x 14 x 4inches and the larger is 18 x 18 x 6inches. I then filled the rest in with batting.

I am so happy with how these turned out! I love the fabric patterns and how comfy they are.

They look great in Little Man's Big Boy room!!! And they REALLY are super easy to make!!! If you can sew a straight line you can sew these!

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And my most popular post of 2012 is my DIY Pouf

I can't wait to share my projects in 2013! Happy 2013 to everyone and thanks for reading!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

My To-Do List

Updated on 1/1/13
While I didn't actually finish 100% of the things on my to-do list I actually did pretty good on it!!

Little Man is in his new big boy room, though he still isn't GREAT about sleeping in his room. The room is not 100% done, I need to put stuff on the walls still, but it will be done soon, hopefully, and if its not done for a few months its still ok! Is any project really ever done?

The guest room / office still needs some organization and needs to be cuteified! But its getting there!

I finally figured out how to backup my millions of photos. AND I actually did it!!!

I still REALLY need to make a photo book of Little Man from March 2011 before the end of January. I am going to do this!!!!

I have a whole NEW to-do list that's not overly crafty that I need to complete by the end of the month. We are having a baby hopefully no later than the first week of February so I have a lot of laundry, bottle sterilizing, and baby gear cleaning to do!!!

My to-do list for the rest of 2012

1. Create a photo book for February 2011 for my son
2. Create a photo book for March 2011 for my son I HAVE HAVE HAVE to finish this by January!!!
3. Create a photo book for my son's first birthday
4. Create a photo book for rest of 2011 (maybe 2)
5. Create a photo book for little man's 2nd birthday
6. Figure out backup storage for photos DONE
7. Review / Delete extra photos (this could take years to go through my thousands of pictures....)

Kitchen / Dinning Room DONE
8. Add some color to the kitchen
9. New art work in the dinning room 
10. New curtains for dinning room 

Main Floor Bathroom DONE
11. Paint main floor bathroom Not happening in 2012!!
12. Hang new shelves in main floor bathroom Not happening in 2012!!

Living Room DONE
13. Paint living room
14. Paint living room accent wall Not happening in 2012!!
15. Furniture for living room This might happen in 2015!!! :) If I am lucky. Not going to happen in 2012!
16. New curtains for living room 

Master Bedroom DONE
17. Paint master bath vanity - I have decided this will MAYBE be added to 2013's to do list!
18. Add more style to master bedroom Adding the dresser has done it for me for now!!
19. Lampshades master bedroom I have decided for now to leave them as is.....
20. Dresser in master bedroom 
21. Organize master closet Thanks nesting!!! :)
21.5 Spray paint mirrors They are staying as is for now.....

Little Man's Big Boy Room DONE
22. Convert craft room into little man's big boy room
22.1 Organize craft room
22.1 Remove clutter from craft room
22.3 Empty craft room 
22.4 Sell, Sell, Sell, Sell.... lots of extra crap in the craft room!!!
22.5 Paint Little Man's New Room
22.6 Figure out furniture
22.7 Figure out bedding 
22.8 New closet organizational system
22.9 Curtains 
22.10 Sew lots and lots and lots and lots of pillows....

Guest Room / Craft Room
23. Convert guest bedroom into craft room / guest bedroom
23.1 Organize guest closet full of millions and millions of baby items
23.2 Move desk into craft room
23.3 Figure out creative storage, because I NEED IT!!!
23.4 New curtains - striped gray and white ones Never mind...
23.5 Finish craft room chair 
23.6 Refinish desk NOT DOING - WAY TOO MUCH WORK :)
23.7 Spray paint and hang some new shelves
23.8 Make some $10 ledge shelves HUNG!!
23.9 Patch up holes and touch up paint
23.10 Again figure out wall decor
24.11 Good Will donation trip from extra things in office / guest room

24. Install ceiling fan in little man's big boy room Bought, just need Grandpa to come and install it!! 

25. Paint little man's bathroom vanity - Again, MAYBE I will add this to 2013's to do list!