Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dr. Seuss First Birthday Party

I spent a significant time planning my son's important first birthday party! I ended up going with a Dr. Seuss theme and am so glad I did!

This is the cute birthday boy in his birthday attire! Notice, he is wearing One First, Two Fish shoes!

For the decorations of his Dr. Seuss inspired birthday party, I stuck with bright red, blue and yellow colors.

I did many candy displays as part of the decorations. I made my son a red and white smash cake using red frosting and white fondant. For the guest I decorated 3 batches of cupcakes!!

I painted the ABCs in my bright primary colors.

We used lots of balloons, and had several of the Dr. Seuss books out for display, including some of the lessor known books that we ordered from Amazon!

This is the birthday sign I made using a lots of card stock, ribbon and a circle cutter.
I decorated board books with ribbon and each child's name for party favors for all of the little ones.

The guest book signing area. I used the Dr. Seuss birthday book, and some bright colored markers for the guest book. I also printed some bloopers from the birthday invite photo session to decorate the table. I used novelty drink glasses I got at a party store for flower vases and cut out circles using different colors of felt to complete the guest table look.

For an extra touch, I printed off a large image of the Grinch and my dad so nicely made a cardboard support for the back of it, and we put him poking out of the fireplace, "guarding" the gifts.
Now onto food!! I spent a lot of time researching this! We served "Pink Ink" lemonade out of crazy cups I found at the party store, and with fish straws I found online at Amazon.

We had red fish, blue fish cut out cookies!! And more of the candy displays!!!! (We had so many sweets!!!!)
More of the candy display!
Then we have the "Cheese Tree" This is a crafting cone covered in plastic wrapped, decorated with cubed cheese attached with tooth picks. This was a HUGE hit at the party!!
I asked my sister to be in charge of the Green Eggs and Ham. My original idea was just green develed eggs and a seperate plate of ham, but she came up with this clever way to combine the two!! These were also a hit at the party!!
I spent several hours making a "One Fish Two Fish" Jello bowl. This is maybe 8 packages of blue jello mix in a real (cleaned -never used) fish bowl. I put Grape Nuts on the bottom for "rocks" and then layered up the jello, letting it set in between. I added gummy fish to the various layers, and used rosemary to make plants. My suggestion if you make this, is to tone down the color of the blue jello with a clear jello. You can't really see in this picture, but in person you could see the items in the bowl.
The "Who Roast Beast" was roast beef from Arby's!!
We also had a "Foodles with Noodles" pasta salad.

Last but not least, we have a picture of the birthday boy enjoying his cake!!! He was covered in red frosting at the end of this!

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Saturday, July 16, 2011

We've Moved!

We are 11 days into our new house!! It's coming along slowly! We actually got the most done the first week and very little has been completed since that first week!

Little Man's room was the first room to be completed! But we wanted him to feel comfortable with the new house and so that was a priority! I still am planning out an accent wall for his bedroom; I have done 2 versions of an accent wall at our old apartment and at my parents, so I am not sure if I will do a new version or one of the old versions!

I also quit my job, so I should have a lot more free time, but playing and keeping a 15 month old entertained takes up a lot of time!! And I am still getting used to being a stay at home mom :)! We are not 100% sure if I will look for full time work or a part time job!

I am not sure how other mom's find time to get their to-do list done and play with their kids!! But I have a long to-do list!! And I keep adding more and more things to it!! My first to-do item is to finish organizing and put together all of the rooms. I also need to finish re-finishing our dinning room table and get some new chairs for it.

My counter has old coffee tins of bolts, and screws and a tool box; I can't wait until things are put away!!!