Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Gray and Purple Owl Diaper Cake

Last weekend I hosted a baby shower for my sister. I am so excited as she is expecting a little girl in about a month, so our little girls will be about 5 months apart! And hopefully very soon they will be best friends!

My sister is putting together a purple and gray nursery for her little girl, so we used that as a starting point for the baby shower.

And NO baby shower is complete without a diaper cake. My mom and I put together this cute purple and gray owl diaper cake. It was REALLY easy, especially since we have a huge supply of diapers in my house right now!

Three years back, when my sister's made me a diaper cake for my son's baby shower, they tediously wrapped each diaper with a rubber band..... well as a mom of two, I don't have that sort of time!!! We folded each diaper in half loosely following these directions on how to make a diaper cake. It maybe took us 30 minutes to assemble the general structure of the cake, it was SO fast and SO much easier!!!

I easily decorated the cake with purple and gray ribbon and a cute little owl I made! I decorated the top of the cake with fabric flowers headbands that her little girl can wear!!!! These directions are all over Pinterest, but here are the headbands I made for my little girl.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My little girl

Wow I have not blogged a lot this year! But I have been pretty busy and not had a lot of chances to be crafty or creative! My very good reason is in February I had my second child, a sweet little girl name Ava! She is such a great little baby and her big brother loves her dearly. He is already so protective of her and she loves watching her big brother!!!
I am finally getting used to being a mommy of two, and have some free time during the day, that I can find time to be creative!!! So I thought I would introduce my little girl to the blog and I will hopefully start blogging again!!!