Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Essential Oils, Now What? My Favorite Essential Oil Tools

When I first started with my Essential Oils, I did not know where to start. (And I know a lot of people are overwhelmed with starting!) So here are a few of my favorite accessories to get you started with using essential oils! If you have any questions, please let me know!

I am loving making roller ball blends, homemade hand soap, face serums, room sprays and a whole lotta other fun oily things!! I think it is because it reminds me of my Chemistry loving days of College!! Using droppers and measuring everything out!

Here are a few of my must have items needed to make any oily potion you want to make!!

Glass Ware
I have used all of the below and have been very happy with them! The insanely cute colored capped roller balls do not have a metal roller ball, but still work great! You can NEVER have enough glass roll-on bottles, so get the 24 pack from the start! The small spray bottles are great if you want to make a room spray and the dropper bottles are great for making serums and other mixtures. The large spray bottles are great for mixing up cleaning supplies!

Carrier Oils
The Fractionated Coconut Oil is my favorite carrier oil. I am loving it in all of my roller bottle blends. It absorbs nicely into the skin. The Organic Jojoba oil is great for my face serum!

Bath Bomb Supplies

DIY Hand Soap

Label Maker for all those Cute Oily Bottles!!

Do you have questions about how to get started with Essential Oils, let me help you with your Young Living Oils! 

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Monday, November 20, 2017

Easy Roller Bottle Labels

When I started making all of my roller ball blends, I needed to figure out an easy and cute way to label my bottles. While I have a vinyl cutting machine and for about two seconds I thought I could make super cute labels using that, (until I remembered my love hate relationship with the machine!!!) I decided that wasn't practical for labeling the bottles quickly and easily. 

Then one day I discovered this amazing little label maker the Brother P-Touch Label Maker and its not only makes very cute little labels, but I can create them so fast, without getting out my vinyl cutter. 

And the best part (besides being so cute) is that they actually stay attached to the glass bottles, even if you accidentally get a little oil on the labels. Have I mentioned I love making roller blends!

Do you want to learn more about oils? Stop on over here! 

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Essential Oils, Where Have You Been All My Life!!!!

I recently made a major life change for my family and signed up with Young Living! We had not used Essential Oils before this, but I had heard a lot of great things about them, and decided it was worth checking them out to see if I could help with some of my family concerns without resorting to medication and chemicals. 

4 months in and I am hooked!!! I can't believe I didn't know about essential oils before now. But I am so glad we finally made the switch. 

They say the average person applies 300 chemicals to their body every day! I wanted to try and cut down my families exposure to all the unsafe chemicals, and we can do this with essential oils. 

Three of my favorite oils are Lavender, Frankincense and Thieves. We are constantly diffusing lavender in our house, and I have made a night time roller blend for both of my kids to help promote relaxing before bed. Lavender smells amazing and its just an all around useful oil! I love my frankincense oil! I made myself a face serum that has frankincense in it. It has actually decreased the redness in my face! I roll frankincense all over my neck and face, I just love it!  I also love diffusing Thieves. We recently had a run of colds in our family and I diffused Thieves constantly. It cut down on our sick time! Which with two kids is a must! 

I also recently replaced all of our cleaning products with natural cleaning products. Including Young Livings Thieves cleaning products. Two months ago, after returning home from the cleaning ladies cleaning my house, I had to diffuse Purification to get rid of the awful intense chemical they sprayed in my house to clean it. It was awful and not only that, I have no clue what was in that chemical that I was exposing my family too. Now my cleaning ladies (and myself) use my natural cleaning supplies made with my Young Living Essential Oils and the last time they cleaned the house it smelled much better!! No toxic fumes!! 

I was attracted to Young Living because of their Seed to Seal process, which is a promise to integrity. The company is 23 years old and they add no fillers, no additives, just the oils!

Want to join the oil community? And start your life with oils?

The most cost effective way to purchase oils is with the Young Living Premium Starter Kit. The  Premium Starter Kit includes 11 oils, 1 amazing diffuser, samples, and 24% off future purchases and an AMAZING community of oil lovers! The oils included are: Lavender, Peppermint, Lemon, Copibia, Frankincense, Thieves, R.C. Purification, DiGize, PanAway and Stress Away. If you purchased these oils separately and with the diffuser at the retail price it would cost you over $250!! Plus with the Premium Starter Kit you get a wholesale membership which gives you 24% off retail pricing on all future orders!! Ready to join to oil community??

Once you purchase the Premium Starter kit you can simpy enjoy your oils and be under absolutely no obligation to do anything in the future. If you would like to continue purchasing oils at the 24% off wholesale rate, you simply need to place a 50PV order a year (most likely only $50) With a wholesale membership you can always choose to share your love of oils like I am with you, but again you are never under any obligation to do so!!!

Clink over to the sign up page!  The link should already auto fill in my Sponsor ID and Enroller ID Number of  12980563. You do not at this point need to give your Social Security Number. I recommend the Dew Drop Diffuser! It's simple!

Please contact me with any questions!! Oils are amazing and I wish my family started using them years ago!! 

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Quilting, quilting and more quilting

My forth, fifth and sixth quilts!! 

This is my first Jelly Roll Quilt. Wow was it easy! It came together so fast, I love fast projects. And I absolutely LOVE the fabric in this quilt. Surprisingly, this is a quilt I made for myself and kept for myself!! Out of the 6 quilts I have made, I have only kept 2 for myself. 

Quilt number 5 is a quilt I made for my sister and her husband for their wedding. I also love how this one turned out! For this I used Jeni Baker's Side Braid Pattern. This is the mini version.  I love Cotton + Steel fabric. 


And quilt number 6, is a quilt I made for my niece for Christmas. Yet another Jelly Roll Race Quilt. This fabric is Lullaby by Kate and Birdie for Moda fabrics.

I am currently working on quilt number 7 (ANOTHER QUILT FOR ME!!!! And ordering fabric for quilt number 8. Picking out fabric is so much fun! But also so difficult!!

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Yet Another Frozen Party

My daughter goes through a faze where every January she becomes obsessed with Frozen, so when it comes time to talk about what kind of party she wants, its a Frozen party! Maybe it has to do with our wintery Wisconsin weather!!! But she has insisted on this theme two years in a row! And of course I did not keep any of the decorations from my last year party.

It doesn't look all that difference from last year! This year I tried to use a little more purple for something different!

I sort of threw it together the day before, I have been sick a lot this winter (see my previous post on my tonsillectomy!!) But Ava loved it, so that's all that matters!!!

Having a birthday right after Christmas makes decorating for a frozen party so much easier. All of these trees are Christmas decorations of mine, and my mother and mother in law!!! I loved the table skirt tutu so much from last year I made yet another one this year (seriously it doesn't take long to make at all, maybe 2 hours!!! and its so cute!!!) But now the big question is, do I sell this one or do I keep it for next year if she decides its got to be another frozen party!!!??????? I think I am going to sell it, its a lot to tulle and takes up a lot of space!!
I didn't realize these balloons were so big, but they turned out awesome!!! They worked very well over the Kids table!
Simple wand favors and tiara headbands also double as table d├ęcor!
What Frozen party would be complete without a life sized Stormtropper wearing a crown and a tutu!!! Ava LOVED that we dressed him up for her party!!!! She thought that was awesome!!!!
Check out the awesome cake that my mom made her!! I love how it turned out!!! And more importantly, Ava loved it!!
My daughter had a great 4th birthday party!!! So that is the most important part! I am glad I could make her day special for her!!! And hopefully she picks something different for next year, because I am all out of Frozen party ideas!

Thursday, February 23, 2017

My Easy Adult Tonsillectomy Recovery

I feel I need to write this because everything I read about adult tonsillectomies, said that it was completely the worst pain and experience ever! I read post after post of, I am on day 10 and its awful. Or I am day 8 and I want to die. I am very sorry if this was your experience, or will be your experience, but I just need to say that it was not my experience and maybe there is hope for other people too!! 

I turned 38 years old on the 3rd of February and exactly a week later on February 10th I had a tonsillectomy. I am writing this post because before my surgery and during my recovery I did a LOT of reading on the topic and I am hear to say that as an adult I had what I would call an EASY tonsillectomy recovery!!!

As I write this, tomorrow will be two weeks since my surgery. And I really have no pain except for when I yawn!

Before my surgery I was very nervous about having my tonsils removed, I did a lot of research on the topic. I even watched a YouTube video on the actual surgery!! Because of my research I thought I was very well prepared for it. I lined someone up to take care of my two kids for the first two weeks, which I didn't end up needing. Below is my list of items I had on hand before my tonsillectomy.

My Pre-surgery shopping list
  • Lots of ice packs - both reusable and instant. Because sometimes you just don't want to walk to the freezer!!!
  • Liquid Tylenol - Although my Doctor wrote me a prescription for this as well.
  • A Humidifier - I still use this and could tell the night we forgot to fill it up!!!
  • Lots of pudding - I enjoyed this later in my recovery, not right away!
  • Lots of Jell-O
  • 7-up or other clear soda
  • Popsicles - In the hospital they gave me two popsicles slightly melted with 7-up. and it was amazing, until it wasn't around day 3!!
  • Root beer - I needed something besides water by day 7!!
  • Lots and lots and lots of pillows. I slept nearly upright for the first 7 days! I probably used about 7 pillows.
I ended up getting strep throat the day before my surgery. Everyone at my Primary doctors said they would probably end up canceling my surgery for the next day. I was very disappointed. But they decided to go ahead with it anyways!!!

I had strep all the time as a kid, all of the time. I am not sure why they didn't take my tonsils out as a kid, but it is what it is. I went years and years without getting strep and then this year, since May I had strep 5 times!! So it was finally time for them to go! Thankfully!!!!

I felt pretty crumby the morning of my surgery. I couldn't drink anything but still had to take this monster sized Antibiotic with a sip of water. I was so glad to get to the hospital and get a nice big bag of an IV. I felt so much better.

Immediately after my surgery I felt pretty decent. I remember telling the nurse I was at about a 3 pain level. But I read that a lot of people weren't in pain for the first couple days, so I thought it was just normal. (I heard a couple times, wow those were some massive tonsils!!)

I don't remember much from the first 4 days after my surgery. I spent most of my time in bed. I didn't really sleep or watch TV. I just sort of did nothing. But still my pain was very manageable. I kept waiting for it to get worse and it never did. Around day 4, since I wasn't in a lot of pain and I hate taking narcotics I cut back on them to see how things went. I just took the Tylenol. On the narcotic I probably had a pain of 1. On Tylenol it was maybe a 2 but I felt so much better once the fog of the narcotics got out of my system.

Around day 4 was when I randomly threw up twice in the middle of the night. I am not 100% sure what that was about. Throwing up post tonsillectomy isn't the most fun thing you could do. But I survived. My son also was sick, so it could have been related to that? and not my tonsillectomy?

Yes, the back of your throat is disgusting!!! I tried not to look too much. I made my husband look and make sure it looked the same!   And your uvula is going to be swollen and huge!! And yes your tongue is going to look disgusting and white!

At day 7 I went to my son's Hockey game. Even though it was a short trip out of the house I was tired from it. By that point I thought this has been too easy, the scabs are going to fall off now, so now its going to turn painful. And again it never did!!!!

Right around day 7 I think was when my scabs started to bother my gag reflux. Between days 7 and 9 I threw up 3 times because of the scabs feeling like they were gagging me. I still have a little trouble brushing my teeth because of this feeling, but I haven't thrown up since.

But by day 8, I pretty much went back to my normal routine. As my son said, "Mom must be feeling better, because she's downstairs."

One important thing to note is, I am still drinking copious amounts of water each day. And if I wake up in the middle of the night, I make sure to drink several ounces as well!! I make sure to drink well over 60 ounces a day. Before my surgery I bought a 24 pack of water from Target that I had at my bed side. I would drink those at room temperature until I ran out and my mom bought me a massive jug of water!

It does still hurt to yawn!!! It is getting better each day, but the pulling of that really isn't fun!! But breathing out as you yawn does help, or I like to plug my ears. My son also simply said I should just go to sleep before I feel the need to yawn... the wisdom of a six year old!!!

I don't know if I have a very high pain tolerance?? or what, but my pain was never over a 5. (For what its worth I didn't have an epidural for the birth of my daughter and I didn't think that was painful either.....)

I am sorry if this is not your experience!!!  If its not your experience, remember the end goal of getting those pesky tonsils out, and that the pain won't last forever. I feel like it is such a weight lifted having mine finally gone!!! If you are reading this right before your tonsillectomy I hope you have a similar experience like mine! And I just want to give you reassurance that NOT everyone has a horrible time with it! And hopefully that is the case for you as well!!!

Good luck and it will get better!!!