Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My Data Dilemma

Sorry this is yet again another not a DIY post!

 I am having a dilemma with data storage and data backing up.   

A month or so ago my laptop started acting up even though it was only about a year old. It was so slow that I could not do a single thing. So after a few frustrated weeks I sent the computer off to my fabulous IT brother-in-law who gave me the annoying sad news that my hard drive was shot. Like I said my laptop was only a year old!

My BIL gave me a few options on new hard drives and I ended up going with a solid state hard drive. Traditional hard drives have moving parts, these new solid state ones do not. No moving parts = nothing to break and with a toddler who may like my laptop this is a good thing!! My old hard drive had a HUGE amount of storage (Like 500 GBs) so that meant I could store TONS and TONS and TONS of pictures from my DSLR on my computer. My new hard drive is only 128 GB which is way less space than my old hard drive already had on it... meaning I can no longer store my pictures on my laptop.


I have an external hard drive and was some what diligent about backing up my data.... I had my data backed up until 2011, so I would not have really lost all that much. But lucikly my BIL was able to get my data off of my hard drive before he replaced it!!!! MORAL OF THE STORY: Back up your data!!!!! I just backed up everything onto my external hard drive. So all over 2012 is on there now as well.....

But..... I should really have a second copy of this very important data. Question for everyone how do you back up your data? I am looking at buying another external hard drive or joining the cloud :) Obviously there are pros and cons to both.

My BIL also suggested I go through my hundreds of GBs of photos and delete some of them. I mean I could easily delete half of the images... but let's be honest this will take me years!!!! I mean I can't decided between 20 of the same pictures trying to decide which one or two to keep.... (I think I need to hire an intern to delete pictures for me..... ) To give you an idea on how many pictures I have, for Little Man's first year I saved my photos by month and each month has AT least 1,200 pictures in it.

I mean how do you decide to delete even one picture from the six below.... each one is a different cute expression!!!


How do you decide which pictures to keep? and keep the number of pictures under control that you save?

How often do you back up your files?

How many copies do  you keep and how do you keep them?


  1. Ugh!! I feel your pain!! Losing pictures is my biggest fear and I refuse to delete cute pictures! We have an external hard drive that's one terabyte but I feel like we need something else. So far all I do is keep buying new SD cards and never erasing old ones! Probably not the most efficient!

  2. Whoa! That's a lot of photos. Yep, you should, always, always back up all your data. You'll never know when your hard drive will crash. True! It's so difficult to pick which pictures should be deleted. My technique is I delete photos with a friend, so we can both agree which shots should go. :)

    -Ruby Badcoe

  3. Right on! Backing up data is often overlooked, but is very important in the digital world. Think of it as a kind of insurance, since we can’t predict when we might accidentally lose our files. Fortunately, a crashing hard drive is easier to foretell by way of changes in your computer’s performance. Haven’t you considered using an online storage system? I think using one would save you from the tediousness of deciding which photos to keep and which to delete. ;)

    Lakisha Rubert