Monday, June 20, 2011

My First DIY Project

I received this chair from my Grandma when I was 4 years old! At the time it was painted a nice simple white color. I don't remember much of the chair over the years, but when I was in college, about 10 years ago, I decided it would be the perfect desk chair for my college apartment. So I painted it black, like every college student would! And not only was it black, but I added 3 puff paint gold glittery stars on the back of it! The black chair served its purpose that year in college and then after that it was put into storage at my parents house.

Lately I have been wishing that after my Grandma died I would have gotten some of her antique furniture and have been on the look out for a nice old dresser. So I was very happy to be reminded about this chair that my Grandma had already given me! So it was once again taken out of storage! I sanded it down, since I was not the best painter 10 years ago and glitter stars are not really my thing any more!

Below is the before, the after will come soon!

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