Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Little Man's First Nursery

When I started shopping for my son's first nursery in our old apartment, I loved the catalog look and went a little over board. As I started to think about the room I wanted to add some of my own personal touches to the room! So I went to my local craft store and spent a good hour walking around looking for anything that I thought would make this a more personal room. This is how my room ended up.

This is hard to see, but these are art work I made myself for the room. I will post a more detailed view of these later.
This is my favorite part of the room. I painted these circles and decorated them with smaller circles to add dimension to the wall above the crib.
I really liked how the circles on the wall turned out. I also made the mobile above the bed. I used the same circles from the wall and some ribbon. I bought little animals that matched the bedding, that were actually ornaments! And we ended up with a cute mobile that we hung from the ceiling!

I am very happy with how my first semi DIY Nursery turned out! I felt like I was able to add my own personal touches to make it a room that I loved and was perfect for baby!

The next big question will be when we move into our new house, will I do the nursery the same, or will it be a complete change!!

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  1. What a beautiful nursery! Lucky little boy
    I just posted our nursery too :)

  2. ОООчень красиво! для меня сейчас тема интерьера для малявки очень актуально)Замечательный вариант.
    Great! I like it!