Thursday, November 8, 2012

Patio Door Extra Wide Curtains

I decided I wanted to change up our dinning room patio curtains and could not find what I wanted so I sewed my own! Since it was for the patio door I wanted it to be EXTRA wide - and I wanted it to cover the entire door, so I basically sewed 3 curtain panels together into one HUGE curtain!!! It is around 150 inches wide!!!! Which let me tell you is not the easiest to pin and get all lined up when you are six months pregnant! That was a lot of on the floor time for me pinning and pinning and more pinning.

Since the pattern had to be matched perfectly I spent a lot of time pinning. A LOT!!!!

Here is the fast two second run down on what I did.

1. Sewed the left hand side of the left panel
2. Sewed the right hand side of the right panel
3. Sewed the left panel to the middle panel
4. Sewed the right panel to the middle panel/left panel
5. Sewed the bottom of the entire huge panel
6. Sewed the top edge finishing off the super large curtain panel

 Since our patio door is close to the windows in our family room I wanted to make sure they coordinated. Both fabrics are gray and white from Premier Prints, so they coordinate perfectly!!

 I do LOVE how they are still nice and full when they are pulled shut!! An advantage of using 3 panels and not 2!!! I would say it was worth the extra work!


  1. Love the curtains you chose. They look really nice!

  2. I like the idea of a three panel treatment! It gives you a lot of options in keeping your privacy and helping regulate insulation as well. Only, keep in mind the length of your curtains, and whether or not your door curtains require a bottom rod. Your patio door project truly is worth the extra work, considering how it all went together beautifully!

    Marla Hinds

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  4. It may not be easy, but it sure paid off! Haha! Look at how your curtain turned out! It looks so beautiful! Who would have thought that you just sewed them together? Best of luck to your next project! :)

    Terry Arnold

  5. Your curtains look great! And I love the fact that it doesn’t completely block off the sunlight, so the room stays somewhat lit even with the curtains drawn. And they still look great even when pulled to the side rather than look like bunched-up curtains from the outside.


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  7. Did you have to mount a middle bracket for the rod?

  8. Did you have to mount a middle bracket for the rod?

    1. No. Because I made sure both of the side brackets were in a stud.

    2. And it was a pretty sturdy rod. I realize this might not work in all situations! But we had it like this for 2 years with kids and never had a problem.