Friday, September 23, 2011

Playroom Chalk Wall

I am finally finished with my chalk wall in my son's playroom!! I painted a house on the playroom wall with Rustoleum chalk board paint in 3 different colors! When we moved in there was a small wooden piece on this wall covering our sewer clean-out valve. So I replaced this with a "door".

I started with the deep blue Restoleum chalk board paint. Here you can see the wooden board covering the sewer clean-out.

After 3 coats, I taped off the roof line, and painted the house green, again with 3 coats.

I had 2 pieces of MDF cut from Home Depot for the back of the door, and a door that opens - since my son LOVES to open and close things! I painted both pieces of MDF with Rustoleum Moonstruck.

I then taped off the roof line and chimney and painted it with Rustoleum Moonstruck chalk board paint. I spent a significant time measuring our the roof lines and the chimney and used a level to make sure everything was straight!

Done with the chalk paint!

Painting my outside door, I decided to add trim to the door, which I found at the Home Depot. I could not decide what color to paint the door. At first I was going to make it a chalk board again, but I could not decide on the color. So it has a few coats of paint on it!

I was very excited when I found the new Martha Stewart crafts at Michael's and the magnetic paint!! I was a bit skeptical about it at first. I liked that it was water based and did not smell! Compared to other magnetic paint I have seen! I used a plastic knife to stir it, since its really thick!

I ended up giving the board 3 coats of the magnetic paint.

My first coat I put on way too thick! As I said I was skeptical about it, so I thought a thicker coat would be better! But nope, the thick coat cracked. So highly recommend thin coats!!!

I also did not wait long enough for my thick layer to dry, so it smudged a bit. After my first bad coat, I waited much longer to put on my 2nd and 3rd coats.

After 24 hours I then applied a Martha Stewart paint in Habenero, after testing the paint out to see if it really worked. And to my surprise it works!!!

Do my finished chalk board wall, with a magnetic door!

I am so excited that the magnetic paint worked! I loved that it was easy to work with, and did not smell bad!

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  1. Thats the cutest wall ever! You did a fantastic job!

  2. This was genius! I wish they'd had the chalkboard and magnetic paints when my kids were little!

    I'm your newest follower. The 'follower' gadget didn't appear in your sidebar, so I went to the very top of the screen and clicked on 'follow' there. :)

  3. That turned out really nice, I have one question did you have to sand the walls to make them smoother for your son to be able to write on the wall? My walls are a little rough and thinking I may need to sand them.

    1. Thanks!! We love the chalk walls! I didn't sand the wall but our basement walls were not all that bumpy to start with. I did a wall in our kitchen that is bumpier and that works just fine... Good luck!!