Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Epic Room Makeover

I desperately need to win the Epic Room Makeover and Mandi's  help to make our living room an awesome functional room in our house!!! We have lived in our house for almost two years and its been pretty much empty the entire time.... AND of course it's the first room you see when you walk into our house, talk about embarrassing!!! I took the week off that we bought our house and the Monday I went back to work, I lost my job. Talk about stressful with a new mortgage, so it's left little in the budget for major decorating... or FURNITURE!!

The room is a blank slate for creativity!!! Look at this:
  • No window coverings what so ever!
  • A train table is pretty much the only piece of furniture in the room (not that my two year old minds that) 
  • No over head lighting makes for a pretty dark room
  • A confused lamp shade
  • Seating is two ottomans.... that were moved from the family room because someone thought they were good for jumping on

Two comfy seating options!!
For my son's birthday party (in April) I painted clouds on the wall. They are still there with gray spots and red lines..... (I thought I would paint the wall right away, so it wasn't going to be a big deal)

My big clock and entry table. But again more messed up painting!!!
One of the BIG reason's this room has stayed empty since we moved in, is that it is right next to our "Family Room"(they are connected) and so this room is the room where we have our small couch and chair, and the TV. AND MORE TOYS.... if you can't tell my son has taken over the house!!! So because of the two rooms being right next to each other, I am not sure how to decorate the first room.... a "formal" living room??? (And by formal I think only a room with out a TV :) ) Some day I would not mind tearing down more of the wall that sepeates the two rooms and making more of a single room.

Our Family Room is not without problems though..... We had friends over stay with us for the weekend and our small couch and soon to be broken chair are not enough to sit 4 people, let alone when it's just my husband and I we can't both recline and lay down for TV watching.....
Too small of a couch...... and as our main couch it's really getting abused..... AND it's a sleeper sofa.... I am tempted to be really classy and use it as a sleeper in our Family room.... classy, right?
Tears in the leather that I try and cover with a blanket.....
I REALLY need this makeover!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE projects and know I would have tons of fun with Mandi and learn a lot from her!!!! We are hosting a Christmas party this Christmas and I would LOVE to not have an incomplete first floor this time around!!

Pluses to why I should be picked:
  1. It's a blank slate!!!! Besides the train table, there is NOTHING in this room!!! = no prep work!!!
  2. I am in desperate need to figure out what to do with this room and need the motivation to get it done!
  3. I love color and patterns and love Mandi's style and would love to learn from the best!!! AND I WANT IT IN MY LIVING ROOM!!!
  4. Without help it's going to take me at least five years to turn this into a living space
  5. I NEVER win anything and this would make my YEAR!!! 
  6. Living with two "boys" I need some alone time where I can relax... and let's face it the boys won't leave the TV so this would be my quiet space!!!!

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  1. Angela! I am so glad that you entered!! You are adorable and I adore you!! Good luck!

    Love your guts