Saturday, December 20, 2014

Oh snap! I broke my ankle :(

Five and a half weeks ago my kids slept in until 8 something so I did too. Sometime after 8, and after lots of awesome cuddles, my oldest decided it was time to get up. Some how between my bed and the bottom of the stairs I had broken my ankle. At first I thought I feel down the last two stairs and landed wrong. But after I calmed down and thought about it (several hours and a lot of pain medicine later) I realized I simply stepped down onto the floor from the bottom step onto a Melissa and Doug puzzle piece.

Taken down by a puzzle piece. A simple stupid puzzle piece.

Immediately I knew it wasn't good. My entire foot was pointing to the side. And it hurt like hell. When my daughter was born I didn't have an epidural and this hurt so much more than having her did!!! It hurt that bad. I knew I was not moving from the bottom of the stairs any time soon. Oddly enough while waiting for the ambulance as I held my leg in the air, I was breathing very similar to how I did while in labor.

After calling my sister who lives a block away and my husband I called a friend who lived close. She answered and was on her way to get the kids! I don't know how I decided to call 911 but I did and it was the best decision ever. After I was situated in the ambulance I got my first dose of pain meds!!

I had not only broken my ankle, but broke it in 3 spots. And in some spots it was shattered. 6 hours in the ER followed by emergency surgery and two nights in the hospital (and lots and lots of pain meds) I was on my way home with a nice new boot cast and instructions not to put weight on it for six weeks.

The before picture of my very messed up left ankle!

My after surgery X-ray showing all of my new hardware!

And last but not least, when I said I wanted new boots for Christmas this is NOT what I had in mind!!

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