Thursday, November 19, 2015

We Moved! Finally!

Well we have been in our new house two and a half months..... so I guess we didn't just move. But lets be honest, moving is horrible! And I never want to move again!!

Some how I can't find a "done" picture of the outside of the house. Oh well! The side of the house is as pretty.... sort of!

We closed on the house at 9 am, by 10 am we were back at the house painting! Day one we painted 3 rooms!!!! Both of the kids bedrooms and the playroom!

The kids had a great time playing around in an empty house!

Day two we had movers move our stuff from storage! It was like Christmas getting our stuff out of storage after over 4 months!

My very inspiring craftroom (and a room that is still not even close to being done!!)
 Moving is not fun at all!
The main floor is almost "done." Well let's be honest, there is never such thing as a done house! The main floor is livable, which is all you can ask for! Since day one I have gone on to paint two more rooms. The main floor powder room and the formal sitting area.

I still have a whole long list of things to do. Mostly upstairs! My son and I can't agree on an accent wall in his room (5 year olds are so opinionated!!) I need to do something in my daughters room (she had a nursery but now gets a big girl room!! Her room is currently a toddler bed and nothing else) Our bedroom needs a lot of work! (because that's just how it works right? Kids first, parents last!) And the poor craft room will be a mess for a long while!!

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