Monday, April 27, 2015

Train Bedroom Reveal

My son's train room has technically been complete for about 2 years or so. There have been slight changes along the way, mostly in my son's bed. (He had a plastic Thomas bed for a while!! And yes this completely goes against what I say next!!!)

This room was my absolute favorite room in our house. I spent so much time on this room. Obviously my son loves trains and I wanted him to have a non-kiddy train room. I still love this room!!!

I had so much fun with the details in this room!!

DIY pendant banner and rail road crossing sign!

This is a shadow box from Pottery Barn kids filled with a train car from both of my son's grandpas and one great grandpa!! (He is so lucky both of his grandpas love trains as much as he does!!!) I love the meaning behind this shadow box!!

I loved this Pottery Barn Kids lamp for so long. I thought and thought about how I could DIY a much cheaper version. In the end I caved and bought the expensive real version and I am so glad I did. I love it so much!!

Some fabulous ledge shelves my dad made for us. I painted them to match the stripes on the opposite wall!

The long frame next to the curtains is very hard to see, but it's copies of pencil drawings that we got on a family vacation. They were drawn by a local 85 year old man. I love these!!

I love repurposing shelves. I bought these awesome cube shelves at Target maybe 9 years ago. A new coat of paint and they look great in his room!!

The street sign and map were decor used at his 2nd birthday party!!
Two years later and I still love this room!!!! His new room in our new house will look very very similar to this!!! I just love it do much!! And I probably only have a couple years left where I have a say in how his room looks!!

Bedding: Land of Nod (no longer available)
Lamp: Pottery Barn Kids
Red Shelves: Land of Nod
Curtains: DIY
Train Artwork and Blue Shelves: DIY
Rail Road Crossing Sign: DIY

A special thanks to First Moments Photography for taking all of these fabulous pictures!! She took all of these fabulous pictures plus our listing pictures!!

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