Sunday, May 10, 2015

Gray, Yellow and White Craft Room Reveal

 In February of 2012 I revealed my finally organized craft room.  In May of 2012 we found out we were pregnant with our daughter so we could not longer have a separate guest room and craft room. I only enjoyed a nice and organized craft room for a few months before I combined our craft room and guest room together to make a new big boy room for my son! It was quickly decided that we really did not need a guest room (In the 4 years we lived there we had one guest!!!) So the guest bed was moved into my son's room and again I had my own space for a craft room.

So I give you my second craft room - the former guest room! I love this room! It is such a fun and relaxing place to create!

 It's a craft room so I wanted as much storage space and I could get! And I really wanted a separate sewing table. I was sick of trying to clear off a little space on my desk to find room to use my machine.
Two work spaces in a craft room is key!!! And I have so much storage! And even more in my closet! The entire thing is very neatly organized with small totes of different crafting supplies!
 I also wanted to have an area for the kids to craft. Since kids are sometimes messy, I added a little rug under their table, just in case!!!
I had my dad make me some ledge shelves, but we used a wider board so they were extra deep which I loved!
I love being able to keep my machine out at all times. It makes getting quick projects done so much easier!! And I kept all of my supplies within reach! The small shelves on the desk also hold a lot of my sewing supplies!
 My desk ALWAYS looks like this!!!! And of course I ALWAYS have fresh flowers!!!
This is probably my favorite part of my craft room. All of my STORAGE!!!! I spray painted these shelves in my garage (NOT A GOOD IDEA!!!!!!!! I turned EVERYTHING in my garage yellow!!! And I mean EVERYTHING!!!!) I am not going to lie, these were tricky to paint and took a lot of cans of spray paint, but they were worth it. I love how I have easy access to a lot of my craft supplies. And they are all labeled!
I am so in love with this room!!!

Again, a special thanks to First Moments Photography for taking all of these fabulous pictures!! She took all of these fabulous pictures plus our listing pictures!!


  1. Your craft room is gorgeous! Everything is so neat and organized which makes a huge difference with creativity and productivity. Thanks for the inspiration! I found you via DIY by Design!

  2. Your so fortunate to have a separate craft room. It must be so nice to have your sewing machine on it's own table.