Saturday, October 15, 2011

My Guest Room Fails

I have been working on my guest room for a while and I am not loving it!

I like the star burst mirrors but (besides it falling apart) I was not happy with how mine turned out! It needs a lot more. I also really liked the look at the CB2 cube shelves and was so excited when I found them at Target in black. So I bought 4 packs of them and painted them all white. Then I realized how difficult they were to hang. Combined with my DIY canvas art, I am not loving this wall.
Then, I spent a while using the new Martha Stewart stencils to update this IKEA lack shelf (that I spray painted gray). I again, don't love it. It took a lot of time, but I think the yellow paint is too bright even though it color matches the bed spread with the combo of the pattern.
Lastly, I love my glass lamp with the shade I covered in a gray fabric.... but....
I forgot to think about how you will be able to see the edge of it, and did not hot glue the inside nice enough and with a straight line.... so it does not look nice when you look at it!
Oh and I accidentally touched the hot glue when redoing the lamp shade. Now I have a nice welt on my finger that 4 hours later still hurts!
I have plans to redo the star burst mirror and change my art work out. I am looking for a new night stand but have not found what I want yet. I am hoping version 2 of my guest room will turn out closer to how I envision it in my mind!

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