Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Hot Chocolate Bar Chocolate Stir Spoons and Marshmallows Tips

Anyone want to take a guess at what kind of party I am preparing for? I will give you a hint, it is for a 3 year old girl! 

So again this year I am doing a Hot Chocolate Bar, because what birthday party the first week of February would be complete without one!!! I love making the cute toppings for hot chocolate bars, including chocolate covered marshmallow stir sticks and chocolate covered spoons! Not only do they add a nice touch, but they are SOOO yummy in your hot chocolate. 

Aren't these cute plastic metallic spoons, I found them at Target. It works best if you place something under the bottoms of the spoons, to level out the top. 
A squeeze bottle helps to control the melted chocolate.
Sprinkle on toppings, and you are all set, if you can wait long enough for them to harden!
Oh wow looking at this makes me so hungry! The key to dipping marshmallows is making sure your marshmallow is very secure on your stick, as well as using less chocolate than you think.
 You want to do a very fast dip in the chocolate. And you want to let the extra drip off for a few seconds. This is a good amount of chocolate on your marshmallow!
To add sugar or toppings to your dipped marshmallow it works best to sprinkle on the toppings.  I used a spoon over my sugar bowl to add the toppings. This works a lot better than dipping. If you dip, you will get a lot of sugar on the bottom and it will become too heavy!
Completed marshmallows!!! See the marshmallow to the right in the front row, that is what happens when you dip your marshmallow in sugar instead of sprinkling it on like I suggested! It doesn't look as nice because all of the sugar clumped to the side.

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