Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Essential Oils, Now What? My Favorite Essential Oil Tools

When I started with Essential Oils I didn't really know where to start. I had my oils, but now what?? I have included a pretty big list of items below that I love and use frequently when mixing up and using my oils. But if you are just starting this might be seem like a lot. So if you want to start small and have no idea where to start......

If you only buy two things and the VERY basics to get started!!!
Ok its three things, but you can pick your favorite color of roller ball bottles.

Now that you used up your first ten The Root and Petal roller bottles (it didn't take me long!!!), and now that you are hooked and you need to know what to add to your collection to mix up any Essential Oil mixture, my list is below!

General Glassware
The Root and Petal bottles look so pretty but there are a lot of other options for roller bottles in the 10mL size. After roller bottles, a good 1 or 2oz bottle with a dropper is good for making your own face serums and beard oils. Small spray bottles are good for making room sprays. Larger bottles are good for making your own cleaning supplies!

Carrier Oils
This fractionated coconut oil is my favorite. It's a must for roller ball blends. The Organic Jojoba oil is great for face serums and the 3 pack of oils is great for trying different carrier oils.

Bath Bombs
Please visit my easy bath bomb recipe for more information on making your own bath bombs!

DIY Hand Soap

Label Printing

Chemical Free Cleaning

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