Saturday, June 16, 2018

Adorable Maxi Dress Pattern

My five year old is Maxi Dress Obsessed!!! And maybe that is because I only wear Maxi dresses. Stores have a few child sized maxi dresses but not a lot, so I decided to seek out a cute pattern and make her one myself. 

After some debating on which pattern, I purchased this awesome pattern from Etsy. It's called the Bella's Dress and Maxi by SimpleLifePatternCo.

I made a size 6 for my very tall daughter and being a maxi dress, this calls for close to 3 yards of fabric for a size 6. I did not have 3 yards of the same fabric on hand and before ordering fabric just for a dress I decided to make a "practice" dress. I did not want to waste 3 yards of fabric and not have a dress turn out. So I picked 3 different random prints I had on hand to come up with the best combination to make a "practice" dress.

I LOVE this little practice dress!!!! The combo came together nicely and my daughter LOVES it as well. She tries to wear it every day! The pattern was so easy to follow and the dress was very easy to make! I was very impressed with this pattern and I can't wait to make it again.

I accidentally messed up cutting the skirt fabric so it ended up being a little shorter than it was supposed to be, but I like this length on her. I also did not have enough of the navy ruffle fabric, so I purposely made that layer shorter.

This is a fabulous pattern if you are looking to make a maxi dress!! (And it twirls, because every 5 year old needs a good twirl dress!!!)

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