Tuesday, June 26, 2018

50 States Before They Graduate

Last summer after we took our first plane ride with both kids and after we checked off three more states on my son's scratch off US State Map, we decided that we should officially try to see all 50 States before the kids graduate high school!

Currently, our 8 year old son has been to 15 states and our 5 year old daughter has been to 11 states.

We are very relaxed with what counts as a state visit. We just have to walk around in it.

Michigan, Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin 2010. When Little Man was 3 weeks old. We did this trip several times before we finally moved back to Wisconsin when Little Man was 11 months old. We often drove this, and also took Amtrak several times. 

Minnesota, North Dakota and Montana 2011. When Little Man was a year and a half we took an Amtrak trip to Montana. 

Arizona. 2012. Little Man's first plane ride. He turned two while on this trip! 

Illinois, (Ava's first state) Missouri, Kansas, and Oklahoma. 2016. Ava's first trip. We spent a few days in St. Louis, and then traveled to Kansas for our nephews High School graduation. We also drove to the spot where Missouri, Kansas and Oklahoma all met. 

Iowa. 2016. A random day trip to see a museum. 

Florida. 2017. Our first plane ride as a family of 4. And our first trip to Disney World

Kentucky and Tennessee. 2017. An epic road trip to Nashville to watch the Total Solar Eclipse of 2017. Plus who doesn't love Nashville!!! 

Indiana and Michigan. 2017. Ava's first time to these states. We drove to visit friends and to see where Little Man was born! 

Tennessee. 2018. We loved Nashville so much we decided to go back again! We flew in for a short visit to watch our favorite Professional Hockey teams, the Nashville Predators and the Los Vegas Knights. 

We currently have flights booked for states 16 and 17!! And are finalizing the details for 18 and 19! We have a lot of states to visit in the next ten years. I am not sure if we will actually accomplish this, but we will sure have fun trying! 

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