Tuesday, August 30, 2011

DIY Jewelery Storage

When I saw these great jewelery frames, I knew I needed to make one! I love the idea on being able to see my necklaces when getting ready!

One day on a Goodwill trip, I found a nice sized frame (stained a natural color) and these 2 cork boards that fit perfectly in the frame! I spray painted the frame white! And stapled the cork boards together and was ready to upholster!

I found this great gray fabric that I loved, and combined it with some batting. This was my first time upholstering something, and was it easy!

It's not the best finish on the back, but it's the back!

I tried to find cute pins to use to hang my necklaces, but I could not. I ended up using small nails and hot gluing little pearls I bought in the Scrapbook isle.

Here is my finished piece! I have these great little glass scones I hung up in our bathroom that I was not sure what I would put in them, but my really long necklaces look great in them!! You can also see in this picture my storage for my nail polish, an apocrathy jar.

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  1. Oh! I love that! I need something like this. All of my necklaces are in a pile on a shelf in my closet because my giant jewelry box can't hold them all. It looks great!