Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Toy Storage with DIY Chalkboard Tags

In order to try and keep my son's playroom as organized as possible, I bought several canvas totes from Target that were pretty boring. So I decided to make little chalkboard (my latest obsession!!!!) labels for them. Super easy and now we have an organized (for now) toy room!

At Micheal's I bought little wooden boards meant for flags for 29 cents a piece!

I gave them 2 coats of Rustoleam Moonstruck Chalkboard paint!

Ready to attach my chalkboard tags to the canvas. My first time using Liquid Nails!!

A nice drizzle of Liquid Nails.

Just placed them on and let them dry!

The finished product.

So organized! All of my canvas totes in our IKEA LACK shelf.


  1. Where did you get this book shelf?

    1. This is from Ikea!! I LOVE IT and it holds / hides SO much stuff!!! :)