Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I've been MIA and enjoying it!

I've been MIA and enjoying it! Last week I was enjoying a sunny, warm vacation in Arizona. We took the red eye home and got back Friday at 7 am. Saturday was Little Man's big second birthday party (where someone may or may not have gone over board....) then it was Easter and now I am enjoying catching up on sleep and relaxing! I hired a photographer for the birthday party and didn't take a single picture! So I will post the birthday party soon! Since Little Man's party was the day before Easter I did not do a single Easter / Spring project (and was very jealous of all of the cute projects out there!!!) But I did not think that Jesus and Cars mixed all that well. So maybe next year!!!! 

I found myself relieved to not have any craft projects to do today.... so we will see how long that lasts... I give it until tomorrow afternoon!!! After all I do have my sister's wedding shower this weekend so I am sure there will be some fabulous burlap projects I have to do for that!!! 

For now, a picture of the Grand Canyon! 


  1. Just popping over from the Sunday Social to take a look around and say Hi! Love the Grand Canyon -- absolutely awesome! Can't wait to go back . . .