Sunday, April 29, 2012

Great Garage Clean-Out Challenge

Back in February, I participated in the 29 Day Organizational Challenge (put on by Org Junkie) and organized my Craft Room. It really kept me honest in organizing my craft room and I ended up with a craft room I am very proud of! So when Laura at Org Junkie just announced she is hosting the Great Garage Clean Out Challenge I knew I would be participating!

 So here are the before pictures of my garage. It doesn't look sooooooooo bad in the pictures, but I did try and clean it up a bit last weekend....

Right now we can only park one car in the garage and my husband would like to be able to park his in as well!!!

The nice pile of "stuff" that is making it impossible to park two cars in the garage. Notice there are 2 tan colored chairs that I bought last summer to re-upholster for our living room - since we have no furniture in the room.... This also has a couple wooden chairs, a couple side tables, shoe rack and other random things...
We had a nice peg board on our wall, but it's not used as it should. We also for some reason have 2 huge garbage bins which take up so much room. So I need to figure out how to give one back to the city?

We have a ton of storage space on the back wall of the garage as you can see. But the entire right side is pretty much just thrown up there - at leas the bottom shelves. This area really needs to be organized!
We have a Christmas tree... which sat in this spot all winter (AKA we didn't use it for Christmas! On the right we have our over flowing recycle bin and our second garbage bin as well as lots of stuff!

Do you see the small table with the big red W on it?  Well... that table top used to be our beer pong table.... :) from our much younger days.... or before we had kids.... Recently we had little man's second birthday party and I wanted a table for all of the kids to sit at... so the beer pong table got legs, and now we have a kids table... funny how things change!!!! We were smart and the legs just screw off... but that doesn't mean it can't sit in the middle of the garage....
Look at all of those paint cans on the bottom shelf. And the lawn and garden supplies on the second to bottom shelf (99% from the last owners...) We also have ceiling storage that currently holds a toddler bed and a toddler sled!

Seriously so much paint!!!! And so many lawn supplies! All of those bins on the top 2 shelves are my garage sale bins full of things I want to sell at a garage sale this summer!!! (Remember we just moved into our house, so lots of things to purge!!!!)

Seriously these selves are so messy!!! And they really need to be organized.

I am so excited for this challenge because I need to organize my garage!!!  And this is just the motivation I need to do it!!! If you don't believe me check out my craft room transformation!

Side note: I very recently "fixed" our broken garage door. Basically it has not worked since we moved into our house in July (yes we both parked outside for most of the winter, luckily it was a mild winter!!!!) I did try to fix it before and had other people look at it, talked to a garage door repair guy, but I finally figure out the problem last week myself!!! There was a tiny little antenna next that needed to be pointing straight up. Once I moved the antenna it worked fine!!! So that allowed me to park my car in the garage!!!


  1. I find that as soon as we organize our garage a new project beings and then it's a mess again. We even just redid our steps to park two cars in it easier about two months ago..and I think we've only parked two cars in there once. This post is inspiring me to organize once again. good luck!

  2. I am so glad that you are hooking up with the Great Garage Clean Out! Just like yours... mine is full of paint cans and lawn supplies and so much other stuff! Can't wait to see how yours turns out!

  3. I would love to have shelves like that!! I look forward to watching your progress.


  4. I was looking for articles like the one on here! I am concerned about keeping my garage clean. I am very glad that you hooking up with this great garage clean out.