Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Kitchen, Dinning Room and Family Room Reveal

Since I have showed pretty much every other room in our house, I should probably show you the living room, dinning room and kitchen combo in our house. 

It's not an all blogged out designed area. It is a practical (with two young children) space where we live. I do love this space. This is the first house we have had with this open concept and there is no going back from this. It's so awesome being in the kitchen and knowing what is going on in the living room! 

One of the first things we did when we moved in was hire an electricial and have them put in an electrical outlet above the fireplace, behind the TV and install an HDMI cable behind the wall. It was the best money spent and it was less than $150 dollars!!!

It took us almost 3 years in our house before we finally got a proper sectional in our house!!! Before we moved in this house we always had a sofa and love seat, so my husband and I could both lay and watch TV. When we moved in here we moved those to the basement and had a small sofa in here. I think everyone in the family was very excited when we replaced it with this sectional! SO much space for everyone!

Some of my artwork on our back wall. I love my University of Wisconsin Subway art and my artwork I made using my Silhoutte Cameo sketch pens on veneer
Something we never have in our house, fresh flowers! Fresh flowers and kids do not mix! Enough said!
I might have an issue sewing pillows.... though I did not make all of these.....
Then I give you the kitchen! It is a good layout and worked well! I have always had on my to-do list to paint the cabinets white, but never got around to it! (And oddly, with picking out things for our new house, I found out my husband really really wanted white cabinets, he didn't care about anything except having white cabinets!!!!!)
In the dinning room, I re-stained this table. And painted the chairs. And reupholstered those chairs two times (even though they could already use a third time!!! Kids are messy,,,, my kids are messy??)
And our "mudroom," Or where all of our stuff is tossed after we enter the house through the garage. This space needs to be a million times bigger and needs a door..... oh new house???

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