Friday, May 22, 2015

Blue and Orange Organized Science Playroom

When we originally bought this house, I struggled and I mean struggled with the front room of our house. It is the first room you see when you enter the house and it is directly attached to the family room. And we really didn't use it for the first year and a half we lived in our house. I blogged about this room in Fall of 2012 and you can see the before of this room we a pretty blank slate. 

Rewind a minute, when we moved into our house I decided that we would have a toy box in the family room and the rest of the toys would be in the basement. At the time my son was a little over a year and din't have all that many toys..... well fast forward 4 years and with a 5 year old boy and a 2 year old girl, my kids have WAY WAY WAY too many toys. Needless to say, the toys and kids have taken over the house..... So my naive thought on only having toys in the basement soon changed and over time, I am not sure how or when, but that front room slowly because a play room. About a year ago or so I finally embraced the fact that this room was indeed a play room and my life became much easier!  

So I give you our first floor play room, I wanted a somewhat simple and not so kid looking playroom, that is still fun for the kids! Since this is the first room when walking into the house, I didn't want it to scream playroom and I think I achieved that. 

A while back we got a new sectional for our family room, so I was able to move our little sofa into the play room, which is so nice to have in a playroom. The "coffee table" is actually our train table. This room has no over head lighting, so I added some fun orange hanging pendants and I started a globe collection! Simple Etsy artwork of constellations really complete the look of the room!

When you turn the corner into the play room is where you see the toys!

A play kitchen and some more shelves with bins easily hide the mess!

I love this view! I love the planets, since we made them, and I love the colors on my periodic table. I searched for a long time for the perfect periodic table and ended up finding this one from the Land of Nod. I love the colors with the pop of orange!
Some more Etsy artwork!
Do you not love these hanging lamps? I love the pop of orange! And of course my globe collection. One globe we "borrowed" from my parents, another from my husbands parents, one my sister gave us and the 4th was from Target.
This shelf and the matching self on the other side of the couch hide so many of their toys. A ton!
I knew I wanted to find some sort of science artwork for the room since I already had the periodic table and the plants, so I searched for a while and was finally really happy when I found these great prints on Etsy!

Don't you just want to grab a toy and play?? And yes, our toy room ALWAYS looks like this!! I have my kids so well trained they put their toys away immediately.... (ok, maybe we are still working on this....)
This orange gear was a great find from Pottery Barn Kids! I love it!
My son and I had a great time painting and hanging the planets. We used a simple kit I found on Amazon and these are my absolute favorite part of this room!!

So it took a while but I am finally very happy with this room. What have you done to embrace the toys in your life?

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