Friday, May 29, 2015

Relaxing Master Bedroom Room Reveal

The master bedroom.... 
So the first thing I have to note, is our master bedroom NEVER EVER looks like this! This is how I wish it looked EVERYDAY! I can dream, right?

Well this is what our Master bedroom looked like one day! I do really like our room, it is very relaxing. 

Our very relaxing and comfy looking bed!! I love the look of all of these pillows, but I don't like them tossed onto the floor at the end of the day! I made both the front throw pillow and I made the Euro shams in the back row! And my pretty orchid (which I have since killed, I am NOT good at keeping these things alive!!!) I could not find a vase that would work for the orchid so as the photographer was ringing the door to take these pictures, I was hot gluing jute to the original purple orchid vase!! Hot glue can do it all!!!

 We got the black Pottery Barn sconces hanging over our bed for a wedding shower gift 10 years ago and I still love them! The silver mirrors are mirrors I got from Target and painted silver. Oddly, the lamps were from my mom, they are the perfect color for our room.  Our master bedroom will probably look a lot like this in our new house!

 Our gallery wall. Check out my original post on our gallery wall and all of the meaning behind it. I still love this wall!! This is a frame I spray painted and the background of this is a leather skirt I wore when my husband proposed!
Some more homemade artwork and pictures of my baby :) I love the look of mixing different meaningful items in a gallery wall!

Check out my Master Bedroom Dresser Re-do as well!

Thanks again to First Moments Photography for all of the fantastic pictures!!

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