Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Little Man Bow Ties

In case you missed it, I shared a tutorial on how to make Little Man Bow Ties on Between U & Me. Check them out! They are really rather simple and do not take all that long to make!

First, I cut a 3.5in x 6in scrap of fabric. I then attached it to some fusible interface. Follow the directions on the package!! (I quickly learned I needed to use a cloth between the fusible interfacing and the iron, but it all turned out!)

Now to assemble the bow tie, first fold the long way so the corners meet in the middle as shown below. (This fold does not have to be precise, just eye-ball the middle.) Then for the short fold I used a ruler to make sure my fold met at the 3 inch mark. This fold is a bit more important since it is what you will see on the front of the bow tie.
Then I sewed a zig zag stitch down the middle of the entire thing (through all layers). I then cut the piece for the middle of my bow tie. (In the picture there are 2 pieces showing, I made 2 bow ties at the same time, but you only need one piece!) I cut my piece about an inch wide and the length is not important as long as there is enough length to go around your bow tie. At this point I was feeling slightly lazy so I just ironed my edges back so my piece was about .5 inches wide.
Now to create a bow tie shape! First grab your fabric from the bottom with your thumb and bend a 1/4 of the fabric back, then bend with your fingers a 1/4 of the fabric to the front, then the next 1/4 to the back again and the last 1/4 bends to the front. From the side it would look like an accordion divided into 4 pieces. Play with the bends until you have the look you like! When I had the shape I liked, I wrapped the middle piece around the center and add a few hand stitches to hold it all together!

I then attached my finished bow tie to a onesie, but you could add it to a ribbon or a clip! Here my finished bow tie!


  1. SO CUTE! I am going to try and make on for Greyson, to wear to his cousins 1st birthday party, next weekend!