Thursday, March 15, 2012

Lot's to do!

Back on January 30, I posted my To Do list! And I have to say it was VERY ambitious!!

I had 9 things on my to-do list and currently have one officially crossed off. By my deadline of April 1 I should have 3.5 of the 9 done.

My little man turns 2 on April 1, so I am busy getting ready for his birthday!!!! Plus I under estimated how much time wedding invitations for my sister would take! (But they are DONE!!!!!! YEAH!!!!) and planning her wedding shower.... AND to top it all off we decided to add a surprise week long birthday trip for my dad's 60th birthday! (We told him last night, he is VERY excited!!!!)

So I have been VERY VERY VERY busy lately :) With birthday party details, wedding details and figuring out how to sanely travel with a 2 year old... (AND I AM A HORRIBLE FLYER!!! I HATE TO FLY!!) Plus I have been working on a few "fun" projects... though I am not sure a project were you take a chunk of your thumb out with a needle is fun....

So that's about how crazy things have been lately!!! But's all been fun :) and it's keeping us all busy!!

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