Tuesday, June 5, 2012

DIY Wedding Garter

It's my third day of Wedding Week!! Do you love weddings as much as I do? I have 3 sister's and Kristin is my second sister to be married... so that mean's there is only one more to go!!!

Another project I was asked to create for my sister's wedding was a wedding garter. The pros: I was only told it needed to have blue in it and she liked lace. The cons: I was only told it needed to have blue in it and she liked lace..... This was a project she told me about a good six weeks before her wedding and I finished it 2 days before...

It was very easy once I figured out what to do, that just took me FOREVER to figure out. I sewed a 2 inch wide band of stretchy lace together. I twisted some blue fabric into a rose hot gluing it in place and added a rhinestone bead to the center.

Super easy DIY wedding garter!

DIY Wedding Garter
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  1. Cool! Easy & Fabulous.

    And rhinestone bead is simply awesome. Thanks for the wonderful share. Please next time do share some tutorial for making wedding garters.