Sunday, June 3, 2012

DIY Printed Wedding Invitations

In honor of June, and my sister's wedding from a few weeks ago, I am doing a week of Weddings!
I LOVE weddings. I love attending them, I love being in them, I love planning them, I love everything about them!! My younger sister Kristin recently got married (a little over 2 weeks ago - even though it seems like months ago!!) Her and her husband dated for a good 7 years! And when we moved to Michigan she said she was waiting until I got back home to get married so I could plan her wedding! Well it didn't take too long after we moved home that they got engaged (Yes I realize it was NOT because we moved home.... :) ) It was SOOO much fun planning her wedding! I was given creative freedom in a few things (more things as the big day got closer!!!) which was fabulously fun!!! We did so many fabulous DIY projects for this wedding!!!

So here is my Wedding Week!! 

The first fabulous DIY project I am sharing is their wedding invitations. I LOVE LOVE LOVE how these turned out!!!

We used 3 sheets of paper to create this invitation. A black, shinny charcoal gray and shinny white. The finished invite was 5.5 by 5.5.

Square Pocket Fold
The best part about this invitation is that it is a pocket folded invite with the important information tucked in the back pocket! To create this pocket, we used one 8.5x11 sheet of paper per invitation. We cut the paper to 5.5 by 11. We then folded the paper at the 5.5 mark to create the back pocket.

The size we used, allowed up to simply create a post card that tucked right into the pocket!

We included:
Stay - hotel information
Celebrate - reception information and parking
RSVP - the RSVP post card

I LOVE LOVE LOVE how the words are lined up on the back!

I have made the invitations for all of my sister's weddings so far and this is my favorite (even over mine!!) I love how this turned out!!! And it was not really that hard once the design was laid out and lined up!If you do something similar please keep in mind these will require extra postage to mail!!! 1. Because they are square and 2. because they are thick!

Stay turned for the rest of my Wedding Week posts!! We had a lot of fun preparing for this wedding and even more fun at the wedding!!! (Congrats K&B!)


  1. I hope you all have a ton of fun and enjoy her big day!

  2. Love them! You did an AWESOME job! I love the font you used and the way the inserts line up in the pocket fold.

  3. Great invitations! What program did you create them on? I am having difficulty with lining up everything how I want it on word.

    1. Thanks Nicole!! I used Adobe InDesign. I used Word to layout mine and also had lots of trouble with it! I found myself putting in a lot of spaces to get the layout right.... good luck!!

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  6. I LOVE these invitations! They turned out fantastic! Do you know the dimensions of the postcard inserts that you used? How much space is at the top between the cards for the letters?