Thursday, June 7, 2012

Organized Garage

Well my garage is a organized as it can be for now.... its not 100% done but it is a HUGE improvement!! I participated in the Great Garage Clean Out.

I was not able to do as much as I should have because the first 14 days were dedicated to my sister's wedding and recovering from it :)

I had a small garage sale at my house last weekend and am having a big one at my parents house this weekend so I was able to remove all of my many bins of garage sale items!!! What does not sell will be off to charity!!

I started by hanging a few things up!!! Including my awesome stroller that I LOVE!!!!  I still have a few thins on this side I need to give back or find a more permanent home for! I also hung up my cordless drill!!! (YEAH!!!)

Look at that organized corner!! Remember what it looked like before..... a MESS!!!! I still have some projects in the back corner I need to finish that will free up more space... including those ugly chairs... I have no idea if I will actually finish them or if I will just sell them as is.... we will see. I have decided they will be gone before winter so my husband can park in the garage!!!! I have also (for now) leaned my tables against the wall in the corner. I still have the willow branches in the garage from my sister's wedding....

I never got around to organizing this peg board..... on the to-do list for the future!!!

The biggest improvement... look at all of those bins and organization!!!!!

All in all it is an improvement!! But it still needs a bit more work!!! (I also still need to go through my paint shelf and my "garden" shelves)
Thanks Great Garage Clean Out!!!!! I appreciate the motivation!!!


  1. Oh, how I would love to own those chairs! Know anyone heading to western New York? Great job on the garage!!

    1. Ha my friend is going to be in NY somewhere this weekend, but I don't think they would allow them on an airplane :) I am hoping I will really finish them!!!!! But we will see :)

  2. I wish my garage was that big and that organized!