Thursday, December 29, 2011

Tons of pillows

For Christmas it seemed like I made a ton of pillows. Not complaining, I actually had a lot of fun making them! For my second sister I made a set of pillows from these pretty Christmas pillows she gave me. I used extra fabric to sew new cases for them and stuffed them with the filling from these old pretty pillows.... The new cases are simple enough that if she wanted she could just use them as her pillows, without a case! I had to hand stitch these closed, not my favorite, but I got better as I went along. The white looks great! After a while my hand started to hurt and I was smart and left my whole in the middle so I still had nice corners and did not have to worry about that portion!!
I then made nice dark gray suede like pillows for the covers. I like to make envelope pillows since they are pretty simple for beginner sewers like myself! (I just started sewing in the past few months, and I love it!)
For my 3rd sister I also made her pillows. For her birthday which was in November I gave her the 2 Christmas pillows I made for myself using store bought inserts with the intention of making her some non-Christmas covers for Christmas. I also bought 2 larger inserts and made covers for those as well.

These are the 2 larger pillow covers I made. I thought I took pictures of the process along the way, but I can't find the pictures. I started with the pillow on the right and decided it was too plain with the fabric as is, so I decided to make pleats. Never having made pleats before made it a bit more challenging, but it was not so hard! I measured as I went and sort of eye-balled it. There has to be a good easy tutorial out there on how to do this, mine should be not how to do it!! I then made the pillow on the left. I love this green-blue silky fabric and to compliment the pillow on the right, I added 3 pleats.

Here are the 2 covers for the pillows I had already given her. I love the colors in this fabric!

Lastly, my 3rd sister went to France last summer so when I saw this fabric I thought it would be fun for her to put in her new first apartment! Since this was an odd shape I just stuffed this with extra batting.

So that was about 9 pillows I made! I am very excited because I got a sewing machine for Christmas, so now I can make lots of pillows for myself among other things!! I made all of these on my mom's old sewing machine that is a bit older than myself!

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