Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My 10 Dollar Book Ledges

I loosely made these red book ledges based on Ana Whites Ten Dollar Ledges. I intended on following these instructions but forgot to take along the sizes to Home Depot when I went so I guessed. I had the friendly Home Depot employees cut the pieces for me and my dad did the hard work of putting them together. I painted them with left over bright red paint I had!
Since they are covered with books I just screwed them directly into the wall making sure to hit a stud since they look a lot like a ladder to my curious toddler!
The finished product!! Since I got a Silhouette for Christmas (well I gave myself a Silhouette for Christmas) I might add some words to them to complete the look! We love the finished look and anything this easy and cheap to store the hundreds of books little man has is awesome!!


  1. Oh I am so using your idea in my daughters room! That is genius! Thanks for sharing!

  2. They are SO easy to make and so wonderful that your books are right there! Have fun making them!!

  3. I love book ledges, I have been wanting to do this a while for my daughter's room.