Friday, February 17, 2012

I am a craft supply hoarder...

My name is Ange and I am a craft supply hoarder...

Well week two of the 29 Day Organizational Challenge is over!

I feel like I have made great progress but I also feel like I have so much more to do!!! AND this challenge of course has inspired me to want to organize EVERYTHING in my house!!! A bit more of a challenge for ONE short month!!! Here is an example, look at all of these clothes that are going off to charity!!!

But back to the craft room...

So I have decided I am a craft hoarder!!! I have WAY too much crafting crap (I am sure just like everyone else!!!) And it seems like it just keeps multiplying... ok maybe if I would stop buying it.... but that's another challenge!!!

An example of my hoarding...

This is just small pile of vinyl scraps I CAN'T throw away... you just never know when you are going to need a scrap piece of vinyl and it's REALLY kind of expensive.... You can't see in this picture but the large pieces already have cuts in them from where I had trouble using my Silhouette.... so they are pretty much useless pieces of vinyl...

I ended up throwing away all of the pieces that could not be used and kept only a few of the scraps and organized them into their own separate bin. That allowed me to organize the bin that contained the rolls.... look so neat and organized!
Another hoarder example...

I also can't seem to throw away craft fail projects. This was supposed to be a pillow but it didn't turn out so well, and I did not have the correct fabric medium to paint ratio so it was REALLY stiff... this should be thrown away, right? Well its finally in the garbage!!!!

The Wedding Pictures

An update on the wedding pictures.... I threw away almost all of the 4x6s in my proof book!!! I kept a VERY small stack (maybe 20) and tossed the rest and added the album to my garage sale pile! I also cleaned out a second wedding album and kept again a small stack and tossed the rest!!! 2 HUGE ALBUMS GONE!!!!!! SOOOO HAPPY!!!! I did keep all of the pictures in a separate garbage bag and won't actually toss them in the trash until next week when its garbage day again in case I have a change of heart about throwing away wedding pictures!!!

So my big progress for the week... the CLOSET!!!!! I removed all of the clutter, and organized, organized, organized and organized all of my totes.... sooooo much work, but its so organized in my closet now!!! AND I used my trusty label maker!!! I LOVE MY LABEL MAKER!!!!

My closet has two levels of wire shelving so I took advantage.

The floor level holds a plastic drawer with all of the heavy paper, the tote holds some fabric and the ugly black file cabinet (that only fits in side ways... boo) which holds important files. To the left of the plastic drawer I have large canvas and picture frames neatly placed behind the door.

The top shelf holds lots of labeled plastic tots. I love the cute packaging of the Cameo starter kits, so I store the labeled items in the box - except for the vinyl, I have too much vinyl and that's in the tote to the left and in the starter kit I have all of my cleared out vinyl scraps!!
The middle level.... LOTS of labeled storage!!!! And I LOVE the idea of using skirt hangers for fabric... I just headed to my closet and found a few skirts to donate and then I have a nice and easy way to see SOME of my cute fabric.
I also mostly have these two shelves cleared off!!! These shelves held our books we did not read and the wedding pictures. I am not sure if these will stay in the room or not. And I am still not 100% sure what I will do with the books I plan to keep.

So that is this week's update. I am getting there.... but its a slow process (and it doesn't help that when I look through pictures I have to look at them all :) ) But I am SO excited about the progress that I have made and I LOVE that this is making me want to organize more in my house! I don't want to feel like a hoarder, I want to feel inspired in my craft room! And I will soon be there!!!!


  1. Found you through OrgJunkie... I had to laugh at you being a 'craft hoarder'... I'm right there with ya sister!! My girlfriend & I are constantly saying we're 2 days away from an episode of Hoarders... but we're working on correcting that... Good job!!

  2. I feel for you. I am the same way. I have so many started projects and failed pieces. Just this week I finally threw away a crochet purse I had started on, taken apart, restarted a dozen times but could not get it to look right. I almost ran after the trash truck yesterday but stopped myself.
    Keep up the great work love the labels.

    1. I am trying to think of it this way... if I get rid of the fails and the stuff that won't work for any projects, then I have more room to create new AWESOME stuff :) right :)

  3. Oh great. 29 days to order! hoyooo.

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    Hope to seeing you around!!
    Have a happy, creative day!

  4. Hi, I found you on the linky blog hop and now follow. Please follow
    Thank you so much.

  5. Hi Ang,

    Thanks a million for linking up to the blog hop! Wishing you the very best in your bloggy endeavors! New follower :)


  6. Hello Ange - maybe we should change the namge of this challenge to "Avoid being the next episode of Hoarders." My husband watches the show and lets me know how close I am. I think if you feel like you've made progress than your doing great. Keep up the good work and I can't wait to see your final pictures.

  7. I so need to do this!! My stash is taking over