Monday, February 27, 2012

On an organizing roll...

Since we have only lived in our house for about 7 months I never really went through and ORGANIZED everything. Everything was decorated and put together, but closets were not really organized. A month ago I stumbled on the 29 Day Organizing Challenge were I decided to organize my craft room. In the process I have organized my entry closet, under my kitchen sink, my linen closet, Little Man's bathroom cabinet and have started on Little Man's closet (29 days is not a lot of time...)

My trusty label maker has been my friend through this whole process!! Thank you label maker! I could not have done half of my organizing with out you!

Linen Closet
I do not have a before on our linen closet, but it looks so much nicer! And I have SO much more space for more organization!!
I picked up the small clear plastic containers with green covers from Target for 85cents a piece. This closet is not very deep so they are the perfect size. I picked up 2 packs of 5!! On the upper level (out of little man's reach) I have our medicine cabinet and gifts.
The best part of organizing this closet is that I was able to clear out some of my "junk drawer" by putting them into containers in this half empty closet!

Look at how much more space I have for organizing!
I have too many spare sets of curtains!! One of these days I will post them on Craigslist (after I am sure I will not need them)!
The Entry Wall Closet

I can't believe how insanely messy this entry closet was! So much crap on the floor, random stuff on the shelf...
Random crap on the top shelf!
Way too many coats in the closet that have not been worn in years...
This is all of the stuff that was on the shelf and on the floor...... can you say HOARDERS!!!!!
I bought the extra shelf things a while back at Target which allowed me to put in a few baskets! The large basket still holds our hats, mittens and scarves.
I donated about 5 coats from the closet, which is not bad for 2 people!
Removed some shoes, organized the ones that stayed! I also moved our re-usable bags that were in the big white tote and put them on a hook by the door in the garage, so I REMEMBER to use them next time!!! So the white tote is now my donate, return, or catch-all bin!
Look a clean floor!
My donation bag! Which about 3 minutes after I took this picture, my hubby took the bag thinking it was a garbage bag and used it to remove some diapers from little man's room....
Organizing everything and under the kitchen sink

Here is the nice before of my kitchen sink... again a mess!

The after. The best think I did was to put up a hook on the door and use one of my fabulous Target Dollar Isle plastic tote for a kitchen laundry basket!
Thanks 29 Day Organizational Challenge for inspiring me to tackle other areas of the house!!

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